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Christmas is an enyojable time

We all remember Christmas, as that time of the year, where cosiness and relaxation are in focus. The home is getting decorated with Christmas decorations in many warm and pleasant colour nuances, that create a comfortable mood in your home. Soft and curvy shapes from our beautiful Christmas textiles give a special glow. Our Christmas decorations are set to bring forth the best during this wonderful time, where the home is being decorated with red hearts and golden coloured stars.

Christmas decoration is to many people very traditional. However, it is still possible to draw inspiration from the world around you and create many exciting ways of decorating your home for a truly remarkable and fantastic Christmas mood. You can decorate your home in your own way, where the Christmas decorations from Lene Bjerre can inspire you to decorate a unique home for Christmas.

Are you looking for beautiful Christmas decorations, then you should explore our Serafina series, which consists of decorative Christmas figures, that can decorate your Christmas table or windowsill – even a boring desk will get a lovely Christmas expression from this Christmas decorations.

At Lene Bjerre, you can find a wide array of different types of Christmas decorations for your home. We have everything from a handmade Christmas wreath to decorative Christmas baubles, so you can definitely find something for your own taste.

Celebrate Christmas with Lene Bjerre

Find the inner cosiness in your surroundings. Decorate your home with glittering Christmas Baubles , detailed Christmas ornaments, an elegant tablecloth and feel the moving mood that will be created in the room.  Combine your own Christmas decorations with the Christmas decorations from Lene Bjerre and renew the way you decorate your Christmas home in.

The natural shapes and good craftsmanship are embedded in our DNA, and it is no exception for our Christmas decorations. Our Cadelia baubles are all mouthblown and hand-decorated, where every bauble has its own unique and personal expression to it. Our series of Pinea pine trees look at first hand like natural and ordinary pine trees. However, they are in fact artificial. A very careful handmade process ensures that each tree will look as lifelike as possible.

Your Christmas decorations should reflect your own personal style and taste. We have therefore made sure, that you can explore a large selection of inspirational Christmas decorations with its own special and distinct style. Get inspired and decorate the most pleasant home for Christmas with Christmas decorations from Lene Bjerre.