There is nothing that contributes to coziness at home, as candlelight from beautiful lanterns. Place them in the living room or in any other room and feel how the coziness spreads. We Danes love to light candles especially in the dark winter months, but even in the summer it can be a really good idea to have some candles on the terrace. It contributes to a very special mood and spreads heat like nothing else. And in your loved ones, light up the barbecue and put on your favorite music, this creates a beautiful atmosphere. Our selection includes a wide variety of materials, sizes and shapes - ranging from ceramics, glass, bamboo, steel and wood to round and square, large and small lanterns. Explore and assemble your own favorite lanterns. Blend the different materials and shapes into your own unique combination of lighting - you won't regret it. Although lanterns create the perfect ambient lighting, it can also be a beautiful addition to the decor and to emphasize the style you would like to show in your home.

Decorate your home with lanterns

If you love candlelight, add some beautiful lanterns to your decor at home. At Lene Bjerre you can choose between lanterns in many different styles, and we are sure that you can find some lanterns that fit in with your particular home decor. We have classic black lanterns, as well as lanterns in metal, woven bamboo and many other styles. When placing your new lantern, you have several options. You can put it directly on the floor and create light in the corner of the living room, or you can choose to place it on a shelf or even let it hang from the ceiling. Be creative with your lanterns and discover how important it can be to the overall impression of the space. Of course, we also recommend that you bring your lanterns out onto the terrace on a warm summer evening. Remember, however, to bring them back in, as they cannot withstand rain and moisture.

Buy your lanterns at Lene Bjerre 

Whichever style you go for, lanterns are the way to go. The lighting is always an important part of the decor, and for this, lanterns are a great in creating warmth and coziness in winter and summer time. In addition to lanterns, we at Lene Bjerre also offer a large and varied selection of lamps and candlesticks, so don't hold back, and watch out for the perfect light for your living room. We always make sure to deliver your goods in just 2-5 business days, so you do not have to wait too long to receive your new lantern.


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