Discover some of our design favorites and be drawn to the magical touches they can create to your home decor in your living room. 


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Give your living room a personal look

Our room is like a blank canvas that can be filled out with the colors, shapes, and materials, that we love and inspire us. The room is decorated with our favorite home decor, which reflects our own personality and taste. The living room is one of the more important rooms, as it is often used as a place to gather your loved ones and enjoy countless of cosy hours together. A cosy living room is usually created when a combination of stunning and pleasant home interior is being introduced to the living room. It is all about personal style and reflecting your identity through the decoration of your home.

Discover some of our design favorites and be drawn to the magical touches they can create to your home decor in your living room. Explore our handmade flower pots, our practical hooks which are perfect for hanging your coats and other textiles on. However, one of our all-time favorite series is our Serafina range of magnificent figurines which with a guarantee both can create a modern living room atmosphere combined with a warm cosy mood to your living room.

The small details, that make the home unique

When we are looking for home decor for our living room, then it should be something special and unique. We want pretty decor items that have a lot of souls and stunning design details to it. We desire to create an elegant living room with handcrafted home interior, that can build a cosy and calm universe in our home. We have a great range of small decoration vases, fabulous figurines and practical boxes in handmade shapes.

Another way to add those lovely interior details can be by decorating a decorative tray with small glass cubes and votives in antique gold colors. If you aim for a more modern living room look, then our range of rustic and handmade table lamps in a Scandinavian design can contribute to create this mood in your room. Your room interiors can be decorated with your own preferred home decor items and only the sky is the limit. Browse through our inspirational selection of products and discover how they can add that special and comfortable mood to your home.

Get inspiration for your home decoration

Do you need inspiration for decorating your living room? We have a couple of home inspirations tips for you. Some ideas for a cosy and pleasant home design could be to decorate your wall with some picture frames in different shapes and colors. Next to the wall, you can add some majestic living room lighting in the form of an elegant floor lamp. At Lene Bjerre, we have a great selection of beautiful, modern and rustic living room lamps in Scandinavian designs.

If you are looking for an elegant way to decorate a cozy corner in your living room, try to add a living room rug underneath a trolley and combine it with some hanging living room curtains which can create a moving and warm atmosphere. Get a truly special feeling to your house interior by adding aesthetic and handmade home decor to your living room and make your home memorable to all your visitors.