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Black Christmas Decorations

Black is the new black - and the dark Christmas decorations are perfect for creating a modern and more chic atmosphere when you decorate for Christmas. Black is not a traditional Christmas color, but by using gray and black tones it gives a modern and less noisy look.

Nordic Christmas decorations

The black color is the perfect touch for the modern and Nordic aesthetic. By using a neutral and minimal color palette, you can easily create a magical and adventurous look that brings to mind the Nordic winter landscape.

Extravagant Christmas decorations

Are you tired of the traditional Christmas colors like red and gold and want to find Christmas decorations that are more unique? We have a completely unique selection of elegant Christmas decorations that stand out. We like to make Christmas decorations that last year after year and where new wonderful memories are attached to each Christmas.

Hint of black Christmas decorations

A black or gray Christmas figure or wreath can easily be incorporated with your other Christmas decorations. Black goes perfectly with white, gold, silver, pink - yes, it actually goes well with most things. A good styling tip when decorating with black and dark Christmas decorations is to think about textures. Mix highly detailed decorative trees, raw lanterns and glittering tin soldiers.