Cabinets & shelves

A Cabinet or shelf from Lene Bjerre is almost a work of art in itself - let your furniture set the framework of design at your home.


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Cabinets & Shelves

A Cabinet or shelf from Lene Bjerre is almost a work of art in itself - let your furniture set the framework of design at your home. It is almost impossible to decorate your home without cabinets and shelves, because this is where you can store everything that you do not want lying around. Cabinets and shelves are therefore perfect storage solutions, and at the same time they are neat to look at and contribute to a unique home decoration. Our classic cabinets and shelves are full of details and character that add personality to your home. Store your things in a both practical and decorative way with the help of our beautiful furniture.

Keeping your home tidy is not always easy during a busy day, especially if you have small children messing with toys everywhere. In this case, a closet or shelf can be a great solution, because this way you can put all the mess away without anyone seeing it.

Create more space with our cabinets and shelves 

There is no doubt that when using cabinets and shelves you will gain more space elsewhere in the house. Especially if you do not live on many square meters, then a closet is a great solution for more storage. This way you create more space on the floor and thus more room to move around in. At Lene Bjerre we are pleased to offer a very special selection of cabinets and shelves. You can choose them in different sizes, shapes and designs. For example, choose a unique storage cabinet in a raw and industrial design with glass windows. You might also want to go with a dresser in a slightly more retro design made of sustainable mango wood, which creates the beloved natural look in your home.

No matter what style you are into, we are sure that you will benefit greatly from a new piece of furniture from our selection. All of our furniture is created in fantastic quality materials that will add style to any room. If you also need other furniture for your home, check out our exciting selection of couches and poufs, chairs or tables.

Quick delivery with Lene Bjerre 

If you have found a cabinet or shelf that fits your needs, you can quickly and cheaply order it from our website. We arrange to deliver to you within just 2-5 business days, and if you shop for more than 100 EUR or 110 GBP, your furniture will be delivered free of charge. Therefore, do not hesitate and order today. We look forward to seeing what you choose.