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Gold Christmas Decorations

Gold is by far the most popular color of Christmas. In the cold and dark winter months, there is no better feeling than being able to decorate the home in a magical way with gold.

Exclusive Christmas decorations in gold

At Lene Bjerre Design, we are known for our classic and exclusive Christmas decorations, which you can find year after year, and with which wonderful Christmas memories will be attached every Christmas.

Our Christmas decorations are something very special and perhaps you already know our beautiful mouth-blown and hand-decorated Christmas baubles? Here, the gold glitter is a given, which will make your Christmas tree sparkle.

More gold - more Christmas

Can't get enough of Christmas decorations either? Neither can we. We are maximalists when it comes to Christmas and we love the way we get to transform our homes in November and December.

Perfect for both the minimalist and the extravagant

Gold ornaments go well with almost everything. Are you more Nordic and modern? Then it is perfect to use gold here and there together with white, green and black tones.

Are you more of a traditional type who goes all in on an adventurous Christmas? So don't skip on your gold-coloured Christmas decorations and mix with both red, green and white colours.

This year's Christmas colors - white and gold

The stylish color combination fits perfectly into most Scandinavian homes. The festive gold and glitter styled with more clean and minimalist Christmas elements is one of the big trends of the time. This year's Christmas decorations are all about happy bright colors that make your Christmas decorations look both sophisticated and effortless.

If you are more unconventional - then the big trend of the time is to incorporate pastels into your Christmas theme. That's why you mustn't fool yourself to see our collection of pink Christmas decorations here.