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White Christmas Decorations

There is something magical about a white Christmas. We have collected our selection of Christmas decorations in white and off-white shades here. White Christmas decorations are perfect both to blend into a modern style - but also in a more traditional Christmas universe.

Modern and minimalist Christmas

Are you worried that your Christmas decorations make too much noise? Then it is perfect to use the white tones - and preferably together with green and brown to create a modern look in Scandinavian style. Feel free to go for individual graphic shapes without too many crumb clocks and natural elements such as branches and fir.

Nordic and nostalgic Christmas decorations The white tones also fit perfectly into the more traditional Christmas aesthetic. Think, among other things, of the classic Christmas flags and Christmas hearts that were hung on the Christmas tree. The white tone works really well with the classic deep red and green colors.

Think in terms of texture

The most important tip when decorating with white Christmas decorations is to think about texture, Mix perfectly shiny and smooth glass balls and porcelain figurines with very detailed decorative trees and lights.

White paper Christmas decorations

Paper Christmas decorations are one of the biggest trends this Christmas - and for good reason! It is both very stylish, sustainable and very grateful to pack away after Christmas. We have a large selection of the most beautiful paper decorations, which you can see here.