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Easter Candles & Candle Holders

Classic Lene Bjerre pillar candles in Easter colors

Classic pillar candles with long burn time in Easter colors are perfect for creating a festive atmosphere. Not only do they provide a beautiful, warm glow, but their long burn time ensures that the ambiance will last throughout the holidays. With the sesonal colors like pink, yellow, and green, these candles can bring a cheerful, celebratory feel to any gathering. Whether you're hosting an Easter dinner or just need a little extra light in the room, these classic pillar candles are a great choice.

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Soft pastel hues 

Our Easter candles come in a variety of soft hues and pastel colours, making them a perfect addition to any Easter celebration. The muted tones of these candles create a calming atmosphere, while the bright, cheerful colours add a touch of festivity. With their versatility, these candles can be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, or to add a splash of colour to any décor.